Florida Personal Injury Lawyer


At Higgins Law 4 U we zealously assist clients for medical malpractice,  personal injury claims of all kinds, foreclosure defense, personal chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy anywhere in the State of Florida, wrongful death, and debt collection defense. If you are outside the state, Winter Haven personal injury lawyer Deborah J. Higgins will assist you in obtaining counsel in another state.

Under the category of personal injury we handle all types of automobile accidents (motor cycles, trucks, cars, pedestrians, and so on). Wrongful death may arise from an automobile accident, medical malpractice, a slip and fall, or another way. We handle all types wrongful death claims.

The types of medical malpractice claim we handle are those where the patient has suffered a serious injury leaving them permanently disabled since it costs about $400,000 to take your case to trial.

We handle both chapter 7 and chapter 13 personal bankruptcies and will assist you in finding the right lawyer for the job if you need a business bankruptcy. The court oversees how much bankruptcy attorneys charge debtors for filing their bankruptcy cases and has even issued an administrative order with suggested reasonable fees to charge. We charge in accordance with the reasonable fee. In many cases we are able to raise the money to pay the fees with suits under the F.D.C.P.A. and similar statutes where the creditor pays the attorney's fees and costs. If you are "not collectible" we can get rid of all your unsecured debt for far less than the cost of filing a bankruptcy.

Many types of cases do not require attorneys' fees up front. For example, personal injury claims wrongful death and catastrophic medical malpractice are paid out of the money we obtain for you as settlement, i.e. NO ATTORNEYS' FEES UP FRONT.

Rest assured, you have our experience and compassion zealously at work for you when you call Higgins Law 4 U so contact us today without delay!

Please contact us at (863)325-0343, or by e-mail at debhiggins33880@gmail.com or through the web page to set up a consultation with Winter Haven personal injury attorney Deborah J. Higgins.

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