Consumer Law

Higgins Law, LLC handles consumer claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. These laws protect consumers from harassing telephone calls from creditors, debt collectors, and collections agencies who must pay for the lawsuit as a result of their unlawful activities. They pay the legal fees, costs, and a fine to you if they violate laws about how often they can call you, what time they can call you, what they say on the telephone. For example, they are not allowed to pretend to be lawyers when they are not lawyers, they are not allowed to threaten to have you arrested when there are no grounds for an arrest (and simply not paying a bill is not grounds for an arrest). They can’t threaten to take action that they don’t intend to take such as filing a law suit and garnishing wages. These are all violations of law for which they can be sued at their expense.

Don’t put up with creditors, collection agencies, and debt collectors harassing you by telephone. Call Higgins Law, LLC and be informed of your rights today.