Get back in control of your financial situation!
  • Stop harassing phone calls.
  • Stop foreclosure and repossessions.
  • Reduce the balance owed on your vehicle.
  • Eliminate unsecured debt such as medical and credit cards.

When you have more debt than you can hope to pay, bankruptcy is usually the only practical solution. All the phone calls and collection actions stop the moment we file your bankruptcy claim. Also, filling for bankruptcy can save your home from foreclosure.

If you decide that filing for bankruptcy is the best way to help you attain financial solvency, contact Deborah Higgins. She is a knowledgeable attorney with the experience to walk you through this difficult and emotional process.

Depending on your situation, Deborah Higgins' firm will help you file either of the following 2 types of bankruptcy:

Chapter 7: Liquidation Bankruptcy
This procedure will allow you to wipe-out most unsecured debt, such as credit card balances, medical bills, and old utility bills. It is most commonly filed by individuals have less than median income and no non-exempt assets. If you meet certain requirements, Chapter 7 will allow you to keep your home and other exempt assets.

Chapter 13: Restructuring of Debt
With Chapter 13, your debts are consolidated in one single payment, and you have 3 - 5 years to pay your past due balances off. You can maintain ownership of your home, car, or other property as long as you continue with your regular payments.

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